Mickey is one of the world’s most versatile slackline athletes, bringing both acrobatics and high level focus to all the slackline disciplines.  From winning trickline highline competitions, to walking lines across canyons, Mickey does it all!  Since completing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics, he has spent his time performing around the world in shows and competitions.  Mickey is also an all around adventure athlete: skier, skydiver, kayaker, and skateboarder.

Notable Finishes:
Natural Games Millau, France – Champion
Red Bull Baylines San Francisco – Champion
Red Bull Airlines 2015 Catania, Sicily – Champion
Red Bull Airlines 2014 Catania, Sicily – 3rd
Red Bull Airlines 2013 Naples, Sicily – 2nd

World’s Firsts:

Cliff Highline Backflip October 31st, 2015


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Oh, and if you’re wondering why the site is called Mickey4point0, that is because Mickey4.0 was Mickey’s college nickname, given in honor of his GPA…. slack on and live the righteous slacklife, work hard play hard 🙂